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My creative background with food began very quietly as a hobby after my return from Vietnam in the early 70's when I owned a construction company in my home town in PA. With many Winter days that were not suitable for outside work, led to many days of experimenting and constructing food recipes inside our kitchen. And thus my love affair with food began.

Cedar Hill Gourmet Pantry is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arnold Innovation Management, LLC of Archdale, NC. 

Our sister company Cherry Orchard Foods manufactures nearly 60 different dip and dessert mixes, we invite you to visit their website by clicking the button below.

Cherry Orchard Foods

Food adventure continues


This early hobby experience manifested into the opening of Hill View Country Store with a full-line delicatessen where we handcrafted our own salads and specialty sandwiches, and I was hooked, LOL! Subsequent years saw me move on to work as a General Manager of two major Restaurant chains and owner of two restaurants, then District Manager with a major snack food manufacturer and owner of a snack food distribution business. All of this Deli and snack food business background culminated into a fascination with creating quick, easy, party-style food mixes and a desire to make them available to a vast market. Cedar Hill Gourmet Pantry was born in 2009 with a line of 13 savory dip mixes and 5 dessert mixes.

The final chapter


In 2013, we purchased Cherry Orchard Foods and that became our manufacturing and wholesale company with a small network of distributors in about 6 States and Cedar Hill took on the role of retail sales. These past several years have seen our product line explode into 55+ mixes as well as our line of rubs, seasonings and soups with a network of distributors in 35 States and Canada. 2018 brings more growth and changes as Cedar Hill now takes on the role of our manufacturing arm for our line of Farm House Brand of food mixes. Cherry Orchard Foods remains the manufacturing arm for our dip and dessert mixes and the wholesale division for all of our product lines.

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